Just like honey flowing from a hive Just Fur Them has become its own rich sweet sounding wellness collective. Offering dog walks and playdates, wellness events, educational classes and more. Classes and services are available on and offline to benefit and aid animals and people alike. Combining various ways for people and pets to connect, discover, and thrive.

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We thrive when you thrive, naturally. Connect with us to learn about services and how to become closer with nature.

We offer various programs and events that offer knowledge and experiences to learn about yourself, pets, and the world around you. 

Personalized pet care services available. We offer dog walking, cat care, specialty care for small mammals and exotics, and more.

Educational classes vary. We look forward to connecting with you in private or group classes. We offer pet care classes and programs. See a full list of programs and events.

Community is built on and offline. Offering ways to bond at home, public places, and with us.

Interested in running your own pet care business? Interested in living a natural lifestyle? Would you like to host a class or event? Connect with Carmita

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Whether you're looking for pet care, lifestyle guidance, or would like to host an educational or pet friendly yoga class send us a message. We do our best to reply within 48 hours or less. 

 "They are the best!!! They truly love animals-- it is not just a job. We don't have to worry about our houseful of fur babies while we are traveling anymore, which is an incredible relief. Even our little kitty with PTSD who avoids almost everyone follows Carmen around with moon eyes. 😍"

Basil A.

"Carmen is the best! She's so kind and gentle with my big baby and I love getting updates when she's visiting him. If you want reliable people caring for your pets who are very attentive to their individual needs, look no further."

Brandi B.

"Met at the Moonlight Market downtown Columbus. My doggie got FREE treats and they were amazing! The guy working was so nice and helpful. I need to go back and buy their pet wax for paws. Wish I would have got it then! Page liked!"


Meredith J.

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