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The Pack Community is where you can attend events (on and offline), learn about the animals we love and care for on a daily basis, volunteer, stay, network, and support Just Fur Them's mission. 

By utilizing services you are already a part of the pack community. Whether you've attended doga, donated to our cause, or had us walk a pup or two, you are part of the Puppy Pack.

If you would like to taste our prime rib or vegan chocolate cake you have the opportunity to join our Wolf Pack. Check out this video to learn more about the Pack Community. Then, if you have not already done so fill out the application below of whichever pack you find your tribe.

Choose Your Tribe

Three Big Puppies
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We do all we can to encourage people to stay connected with their pets and nature. Below are some videos and resources on how you can get interactive, involved, and back to nature. 

We also offer live events and programs. You can find these on our Events page.
Animal care sheets and other resources coming soon.
My Dogi, Rachel, and I invite you to join in on this fun and fur friendly yoga class! This was our first ever online class that streamed live on March 26, 2020. You can follow along to the replay above and we look forward to seeing you join us for our next class. You can find more information about this class and other programs by visiting our Events page. 
Classes offered online and in-person to learn about the animals you love.
In this episode you get to meet Siri. She's a fast, fluffy and noc-turnal hamster whose breed originated from Syria.