We at Just Fur Them believe that all animals deserve the best from life and the best in nature. So we provide educational classes, first hand experiences, and more for prospective pet parents and interested persons. Every year, forests, rivers, and natural environments are being taken away from the animals who live in these parts. There has to be some sort of balance. By providing educational courses and hosting events we work to educate people on these issues, engage them in nature, and utilize these resources to learn how to share space with nature.


Sometimes, teaching about nature means bringing nature to people. We run a small mammal and exotic animal sanctuary for displaced animals and/or unwanted pets. The socialized furry (and not so furry) friends get to engage with the community at local festivals, events, and workshops. These along with other events like Paddles For Pups teach people offer hands-on experiences that bring related topics tro light. These engagements also teach people about the animals living needs and care instructions. In hopes to find them in a new forever home.  


Many of the classes, workshops, and events are little or no cost to participants.