Providing content to help you live true and be you, naturally. From blog posts to videos and yummy recipes. You'll find everything here on how to live a positive thriving life for you and your pets. 

Carmita Smiles, Founder & CEO

Bacheloer's in Journalism and Communication with 

a focus in PR, Certified Yogi, Natural Lifestyle Guide

Carmita is on a mission to build a thriving community. One that welcomes all people and their pets. She has kept an interest in pet care and living a natural positive life since she was a young girl. She sees no other way in life. And she's here to spread the word, teachfolks about nature and the balance between nature, animals and humans.

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"Live life with a smile."

Humans and nature can co-exist. There doesn't have to be a fight for space. It takes adapting and an open mind.

People can learn so much from the natural world. It takes an open heart and wide open eyes to get started. 


Carmita Smiles



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