Bootcamp For You And Your Dog

Barky Bootcamp is one of the pet friendly fitness classes we offer at JFT. Here are a few moves to try at home with your pup. Once you complete your workout, head on over to our events page to sign up for the next class.

1. The Warm Up Welcome your furry friend to join your workout. You can do this by grabbing some dog treats or your dog's favorite toy to catch their attention. Once you've got it... begin to walk in a square or small circle to warm up. Do this for 3 - 5 minutes.

2. Pup Crawl

Once you and your pup are warmed up come down to their level. Stay low and do some puppy crawls. This move works the whole body. You can do these for 1 minute with a 10 second break in-between sets. Your pup will either walk with you or wonder around you. Either way, it's OK!

3. Puppy Jax

Keep em movin' with some dog friendly jumping jacks. Hold a toy or treat in your hand and switch hands as you squat down and then pop up. Do these for 1 minute with a 10 second break in-between sets.

4. Boat Pose

Once you've completed your puppy jax come back down to the floor to work your abs. Sit and do one of the variations of boat pose. (Keep your core engaged while your legs are up and bent at the knee or fully extended). This is a super pet friendly pose. You can hold treats or your pup's toy in your hand to keep their focus. Otherwise, let them choose how they interact with you. Dexter chose to sniff around me.

5. Finish With Love

When you finish your pet friendly workout don't forget to reward your pup. Offer them lots of love, cuddles, and water for doing a great job! It's quality time well spent. Not to mention fun!

Hope you enjoyed these Barky Bootcamp exercises. These moves are a good way to warm up or do 3 rounds of each exercise for a full body workout.

Let us know how your furry friend enjoyed this workout. Post a photo or leave a comment below. We'll post comments and photos on our social media channels to share and encourage others to get movin' and groovin' too.

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