Mission: Connect, Support, Be One With Nature

You've heard the news and now get involved! We are focused and ready to take in small mammals and exotics in need of a safe place. We are ready to teach and share our knowledge for animals who have been neglected or their homes destroyed by human touch. We are here if you need information and resources on how to care for your new exotic pet or small animal.

Check out or website and contact us to connect at any time.

Then don't forget to support our cause:

ission: Offer a safe and loving center for animals of all kinds. Our in-home center not only offers care for pets in need of boarding and grooming, but offers a sanctuary for the animals who are in need of  healing, love, and support until they find their forever home. 

For the animals whose forever home is our home, we are looking to expand our space to offer comfort and safety. Also, we are looking to expand to hold the proper equipment on our property to have readily available when needed. (Example, rescue and medical equipment)

Goal: Once we are able to have the proper space we can expand on care for these animals, events, and programming. It can be difficult facilitating the proper pet care classes, community programming, and environments needed for each and every animal we have in our care. But with the proper funding and development we can teach our community and Central Ohio residents how to properly care for animals with a focus on domestic animals, small mammals, and exotics. 

Sample of classes, workshops, and events:

- City In Nature: Offering hikes and outdoor adventures at little or no cost to the public. These events would allow people to get back outside to learn about nature and their local wildlife. 

- Basics Of Pet Care: Offering classes and workshops for people interested in becoming pet parents. These classes would go over pet care basics, true cost of ownership of pets, such as dogs, cats, small and exotics. They would also touch on proper living environments and what to do if you tire of your pet and/or need to surrender the animal. 

- Paddle With Pups: Offering lessons and paddle experiences with dogs. This programming would offer people who may not otherwise have the chance to kayak, stand up paddle board, or canoe. This is a pet friendly program. So people can enjoy this experience with their dogs or one of our four-legged friend volunteers.  

We happily accept donations for animals in care and programs mentioned above. Here is a list of items we accept:

kayaks stand up paddle boards guinea pig food small animal bedding crates  hamster cages rabbit homes chicken coops fish tanks reptile tanks soft cat food hard cat food soft dog foood hard dog food rabbit food mouse food hamster food old blankets and covers and more! 

If you don't see a particular listed reach out to us at 216.375.4934

Feel free to also visit us at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/animalcareandpetrescue


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