Pet Safety In The Summer (Part 1)

The Sun is shining. The birds are singing. The warmer weather is finally here. it's a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. But remember to think safety when heading out with your furry friend. Some animals love the warmer weather but can't take the heat. It's important to recognize the signs of a dog, cat, or other animal having a difficult time. In most cases these warning signs are noticeable in all animals. So remember to keep a close eye. Here's what to watch for: 1. Slower pace when walking or refusal to walk. 2. Sitting down on walks. 3. Heavy panting or breathing. 4. (For dogs) tongue hanging out of mouth dripping saliva.  5. Fur warmer than usual to touch for an extended period of time. 6. Loss of appetite  7. (In extreme cases) dry heaving, vomiting or diarrhea  Don't forget about little critters, like hamsters, lizards, and mice. These animals can suffer from extreme temperatures too. It's important to make sure tanks, cages, and housing are NOT set in a direct sun, fans, or heaters. Check to make sure these pets have fresh water and a place to hide if needed. A nice tip is to add a thermometer. This will allow you to check tempatures of housing through the day. Sometimes their space can hold heat or cold at a different temperature than your house. This goes for fish and small mammals housing also.  For more lessons and tips on how to keep your pets healthy and happy make sure you check back soon for new posts and online courses. And don't forget to sign up for our e-newsletter at

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