Pet Paw Wax (Sunflower)

Sunflowers are native to America and their oils have been used for ages. Native Americans used sunflowers and their oils to heal the skin of snake bites and condition skin and hair. Today, sunflower oil still has many health and beauty benefits. Some examples of its benefits are that it reduces inflammation, contains lots of moisture rich vitamins ( like vitamin E, K, and A), nutrients, and antioxidants, and aids skin health without clogging pores. This product is for topical (external) use only. This pet paw wax protects the paws and is not to be ingested. This product protects pet paws from extreme cold, heat, and cracking. It's also an excellent moisture rich product safe for daily use on your paws and your pets!


Our products are organic, non-gmo, safe for you, your pets, and the environment. We use earth friendly ingredients and ingredients made by the earth. So you can feel good without worry when using our products on your pets. 


This product is safe for humans and dogs.


Directions: Open and take a light amount of wax and rub it onto pet paws (and nose if you'd like). This product changes consistency with varying temperatures.  


Ingredients:Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax.


Crafted in small batched by Organic Grooming of Just Fur The Weekend LLC.

Made with <3 in Ohio. 
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    This product is all natural and contains natural oils. The consistency of this product may turn depending on temperature. For example, the product may become more soft in texture in warmer climates. The product may become more solid when in colder climates.  

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